Hemp Oil 250 000 mg Extract for Pain Relief, Anxiety & Stress Relief

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  • [NATURAL EXTRACT & GREAT TASTE] HEMP OIL – 1oz (30ml) of pure premium hemp extract.Contains Organic, Non-GMO, Ultra-purified Hemp Oil. Orange Hemp Flavour – Great Taste.
  • [PAIN RELIEF] Studies have shown that hemp oil can help cope with pain.Ease pain, soothe stiffness, calm strained muscles, lower inflammation, relieve joint pain, boost metabolism and support weight loss. Hemp oil extract offered effective pain relief without inducing adverse side effects in patients.
  • [REDUCE ANXIETY] Hemp oil is helpful in reducing anxiety and providing stress relief. It helps to reduce unease, support mood stabilization, decrease hormonal imbalances. Tired of insomnia? Daily doses of pure hemp oil extract has been shown to promote deeper and restful sleep. It can also boosts brain function. Wake up feeling more refreshed and improve your overall quality of daily life.
  • [RICH IN NATURAL NUTRIENTS] Our hemp oil contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids.Hemp contains a wide range of valuable nutrients, flavonoids and terpenoids, and essential fatty acids OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-9, which can help support overall well-being. Also it helps with Skin & Hair and can boost metabolism.
  • [QUALITY] All of our products are manufactured, tested and bottled in a FDA registered facility for quality and consistency. If you are not satisfied,please feel free to contact us for help.



168 reviews for Hemp Oil 250 000 mg Extract for Pain Relief, Anxiety & Stress Relief

  1. Angela Garner

    I have never used Hemp Oil before but have been using essential oils for a couple of years now. My husband struggles with back and shoulder pain that causes several headaches a week. We were looking for a solution to help with the pain and perhaps reduce the number of headaches he was experiencing. We are happy to report that with topical and internal use this product has greatly reduced the frequency and severity of both the shoulder and back pain and the headaches.

  2. Nancy Bandy

    I liked the product because it helped ease pain I have with osteoarthritis. Also, it tasted ok and was not hard to take.

  3. Kayla white

    I like how relaxed & calm it makes me feel

  4. Amanda E Allen

    It is good…which there was more liquid for the price

  5. Nikia Miller

    Tastes good – will be able to say more later.

  6. Christen Crayton

    So far it helps me relax. I also use it on my body when I experience aches.

  7. Daniel Opiopio

    Just started product. I have chronic pain due to spinal cord damage. I’ve tried numerous products with no positive results. I am hoping this product will eliminate some of my pain.
    Fingers crossed. Aloha

  8. Pauline Solomon

    Just started so I don’t know yet but so far its good.

  9. Pradeep Nagendraiah Bandalapalli

    Using it for over 5 days, I see a reduction of pain in my joints

  10. Jenifer L. Brents

    I just started taking this 4.5 days ago so I don’t know and can’t speak to how well it is working. I’ve taken other hemp oils/CBD products in the past so I believe in them. I’m hopeful.

  11. Margaret Garcia

    I like the taste of it and I hope it does everything it’s promised thanks

  12. Alice Paulsen

    It does a great job easing pain, relaxation, and helps a person to sleep. I highly recommend this product!

  13. m. juan eclarinal

    Pleasant taste. Pleasant smell. The product is versatile and easy to use. The packaging and design is consistent with something you can find In “upscale” or “healthy” grocery stores like Whole Foods or Lassens.

  14. Kristin Buraglio

    I love it and wouldn’t use anything else!

  15. Enrique Gonzalez

    I currently have cirrhosis stage 4, I am very limited to pain killers due to my liver. Have tried other ones and this seems to help me feel relaxed and more active.My wife tried for the first time. She was lacking sleep due to my current illness. Gave her one bottle and will monitor progress on both of us. As long it helps to relax me and my wife, we could spend more time with our grandchildren. Thank You

  16. Alex Reed

    Tastes great and is uplifting for my mood! I was skeptical at first but this gives you a sense of well-being.

  17. Donyale Davis

    It helps me with my chronic pain

  18. Jennifer Joan Olsen

    It helps me to rest better at night..I like that it’s a very natural products that can safely help my overall wellness and outlook

  19. Michael Hagadus

    I really like the orange flavoring. Makes it so much easier to hold under tongue. This is the best hemp oil I have tried

  20. Joseph Wilson

    I enjoyed it. Please improve the taste though

  21. DENISE Espinoza

    It’s good I’m old so it relaxes me

  22. Carl lundy

    Great product going To enjoy it it will help you with anything like relaxing and body and many more

  23. Eric L Milchak

    Great tasting with good results. This product helps with anxiety and stress relief, take great, a tint of oranges. Many taste like fish oil and I do not care for that taste, this one like oranges.

  24. Caroline Silverio

    Just had it for a few days and I am already seeing improvements!!

  25. Jeremy E. Battle

    I’ve tried other CBD/hemp oil products but this is my favorite by far. The potency is fantastic at a price that is hard to beat. I use this product for my issues with insomnia and to help manage nagging pains and I could not be happier!

  26. Thomas W. Toombs

    I have been using this product for over a month and a half and noticed a big difference in hand/finger pain reduction. Sleep has improved. My wife uses Owe Uself and my neighbor purchased too. Highly recommend.

  27. John carson

    Seems to work fine. Use for arthritus pain.

  28. Milagros Lopez

    This product has helped me deal with the pain of gastritis tremendously. I have given it to my husband for his arthritis as well. I wish I had heard of this product months ago.

  29. Margarita Brown

    It has help me sleep. I was so skeptical at first but I like it.

  30. amy mills

    great for minor aches and pains. helps with anxiety as well. and i started using this in my hair and as a cuticle oil which is helping.

  31. Gary Center

    I’ve only been taking the product for two days if it works I will be ordering more so far seems OK and people I work with I’m gonna order some so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens

  32. paige

    High quality dissing best value pay mg/dose.

  33. Earl Bishop

    Just started using it. Will tell more after it is in my system longer.

  34. Robert Regula

    With only a few days of use I feel less pain in my joints (knees, hips). I’m enthusiastically encouraged.

  35. Mary Elaine Hatcher

    I just received the product today thus not sure how I like it.

  36. Daniele baxter

    I love this product. It helps me with my anxiety.

  37. kara vick

    It seemed to work very fast and made me feel much better. The taste was also better than another brand I tried.

  38. Daniel lapinski

    I like to use this every day to treat my depression and anxiety. I take one dropper full in the morning and I take another dropper full before bed. It also helps with my sleep.

  39. gregg davis

    This has been great for achy joints as well as mood and better sleep.

  40. Aaron Sewell

    I originally bought this product for my wife’s grandmother, but after seeing the results it had with her, I bought it for my grandfather. He has severe arthritis in nearly all his joints and after just a week, the swelling and pain has dramatically decreased. He use to spend the majority of time in bed due to his pain, and could barely grasp anything. After less than a week worth of use, he was not only back active, but in significantly less pain, 80% use of his grasp and in a much better mood. He swears by this oil and I must say, so does the rest of the family.

  41. Dana Butler

    I was looking for a very potent hemp oil to use for more topical use purposes and I really like this one because of the omega fatty acids and the vitamins c & e!

  42. Andy Lingley

    I am very new to these types of products but I needed something that would help me with my pain and sleep and even energy if possible and looking on Amazon customers said this product would be a very good choice so I decided to try it and it actually made a difference and helped a little bit with issues but I think I need a more potent one giving tolerance to products similar but no ideas where to start in which a little help I should be able to find the best to suit me.

  43. Michael V Austin

    Love the purity and pleasant taste. I’ve tried other hemp oil that always left a funky taste, Owe Uself does not.

  44. dominic lespron

    I think it would be better without the orange flavor.

  45. kathleen elizabeth Clancy

    This is my first experience with hemp oil and i shared it with some of my friends who do have experience with it. My fiancee says it tastes really good and isnt greasy like most hemp oils he has tried. I like the orange because it helps it go down easier.

  46. Christina Pruser

    I have felt less stress since using this product.


    I’ve only taken this for three days so far and already i’m all around feeling better and have been sleeping better. After reading the benefits that come with taking this product i have already recommended it to a couple of family members. It has many benefits and a good taste that’s not harsh to take like some oils with a cheap price.

  48. Bryan Bartels

    Taste is great, and it works well but I don’t think it’s actually 250,000mg. Either way, definitely enjoy it!

  49. Richard Benedict

    Easy to use. No taste at all. Hoping it will relieve my neck pain when I’m surfing

  50. Barry Bernard

    Great taste works great, helps relieve tension and pain

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